Minimum order 40 Cards for the first order

Welcome to our wholesale site.


  • For you first order there is a minimum order of 40 cards, subsequent orders can be of any number.

  • You can order packs of 6 cards or individual cards, this enables you to purchase a small number of seasonal cards or trial different designs in your store. The packs of 6 are slightly cheaper

  • We offer exchange-ability on non-seasonal cards, meaning you can return and exchange any items for other designs , within a month of purchase. (providing they are still in good condition)

  • Payment is on placing the order

  • We usually despatch within 3 days.

Cool Funny Greeting Cards that are Really Unique

Our Eco friendly greeting cards are not like others; the paper is handmade from 100% recycled paper and seeds. After the card has been gifted the WHOLE  card can be planted in a garden and with just a bit of water and light and love grow into beautiful wildflowers  How cool is that! Have you ever heard of another greeting card that you can plant? That's why we say we have unique greeting cards!!  They are made of plantable paper. You can plant the card and it will grow wildflowers.  These cards have a surprise second life!

Not only are these greeting cards cool because you can plant them, the designs on them are fun. These cheeky critters really are designed to make you smile. And, here’s the real fun… each design is individually crafted from ripped up paper and a good dose of British humour. You can guarantee that the person receiving the card will say. You can plant the card. That's so awesome!!