Plant the Card Grow the Love

Our magical range of unique cards are all created right here in Greenwich London they are made from 100% recycled paper and seeds. After the card has been gifted the whole card can be planted in a garden or a pot. With just a bit of water and light and love grow into beautiful wildflowers. These cards have a surprise second life! 

Manager Profile.

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Initiated by the Managing and Creative Director Pamella East. Bsc MBA her unique cards and art have grown into a successful business.

“Many people ask me if the idea for seeded cards that grow was mine;  I have to confess that it was not. I first saw plantable cards in the 70's as a university student in New Zealand. In recent times as we have become more environmentally aware I realised that these cards would be 'cool' again and an old idea was recycled.

With the seed card came the necessity to develop designs that are biodegradable and could be planted, hence the idea of cutting and tearing paper to make images was born.

Of course cutting paper to make images is not a new idea and I have long been a fan of Matisse; his later work has for many years been an inspiration to me. But it was the discovery of the Mulberry paper and the fluffy edge it gives when torn that led to the signature look of all my designs. Every design and every picture has a story; how it came to be, and what it means to me, Of all my designs my personal favourite is the London soldier which I consider to be the signature image.

At the young age of 60 + I now have enough history behind me to have inhabited a number of different career paths. Some of the positions I have held are:  Self employed as a property consultant, and self employed in an importing business, Business and Economics teacher, ICT Teacher, . I also am lucky enough to have 5 children (4 boys and 1 girl) and 4 grandchildren, and although I'm officially 'old' I'm having the best time of my life!

I have been interested in both business and creative pursuits all my life; my unique cards are an expression of me, they bring together so many things I love and I hope that you will love them too!'